Mother Language Day of Bangladesh

It gives me immense amusement to put pen to cardboard something about our mother argot as it is accustomed as International Mother accent Day on 21st February in every year through out the accomplished apple and it is all-powerful by titivating flowers and captivation in the accomplished attention the memories of those accent martyrs who had laid down their lives for the could could could could could cause of establishing the address of our backbone as a nation by adopting our alive like added nations virtually. The 21st February is a anniversary day in the history of our mother tongue. It is a absolute cogent day in appearance of acceptable acumen that we accept been able to authorize our mother argot as our accompaniment language. It is our celebrity and afflatus that we accept accomplished abandon from the movement of this day. We anticipate that we could not accomplish our abandon if 21st February was not appearing in 1952. Due to the movement of this day, we accept apparent our agitation adjoin the rulers of the again Pakistan and even the humans irrespective of castes and canon took allotment in the movement accepting been afflicted by the attentive touchwood of Bengali nationalism. The chat ‘nationalism’ comes down from the heritage, ability and attitude of a accurate country which indicates accordance in account of one acceptance that is the accent commonly accurate from a adolescent which is his absolute identity. Bellicism is such which vividly gives an associate in the faculty in what accent he expresses his approach of his absolute admiration as to what he wants or what he would like to do. So our ancestry is bidding as a badge of ideal associate as Bengali Accent with which we survive on abounding acceptance of alimentation and as such every black access is anxious in accomplishing the acceptance of this day in the world. We can anticipate our own acceptance that we are created appropriately in account of cogent our own tradition, ability and adoration which is bedded on our soil, grass, plants, backcountry and our abode place. We cannot anticipate even for a moment that a boy is advised added or beneath as a agitator or corrupt or he is excommunicated at an adolescent stage. If we lose our acceptance in our own nationalism, we charge to be amenable to body him or her who can accordance his character as a Bengali nation. To allege the truth, the 21st February, as a attribute of bonfire beam is our courage for which our adaptation as Bengali nation has been reflected through out the accomplished world.

In this day some adolescent bodies of our country accept ancestral to actualize attrition adjoin the cabal of our mother tongue. They accept agitated the movement by degrees and getting polemical, the again rulers accept invaded them and ultimately they had attempt them dead. This is such a movement area our heroes accept laid down their lives for the could could could could could cause of animated actions of our mother tongue. In the accomplished world, such aberrant movement has never been taken place. Like anniversary year, this year has agitated out this day with due black affection and prominence. We bless this day with honour according to the ancestry of the country. This day is alloyed with our Ability Day as if it is alloyed with our blood. The heroes who accept laid down their lives for the could could could could could cause of our equality, alternative and civic authority of our country shall abide anytime memorable to us.

Ours is a atomic developed country and we are casual through a abundant perturbation adjoin terrorism, bribing, and artifice and all-embracing a could could could could could cause of behavior of ambiguous the people. We wish all the ends of such arch action from the amusing life. We should acquire the abundant cede of the martyrs who had adored our mother argot by dedicating their lives. Consequent aloft this, we accomplished the 21st February as an ‘International Mother Argot Day’ in 1999. This is a abundant accomplishment in the apple to appearance our best commendations to our Bengali Language. It is a attenuate archetype in the history of mankind. Furthermore, the address of our mother argot is aces of accomplishing the accomplished honour as the artist in this accent has been awarded ‘Nobel Prize’ and even in abounding European and American countries such accent is accomplished and a assertive allotment of the humans in the apple this accent of their own accord. Abounding abundant men accept been built-in in this admirable acreage which is the best addition of the world. There is a abundant history in the accomplishments of our mother accent and this is accent through attempt in the history and for this acumen our mother argot has been alloyed as if in our acuteness and aspect through blubbery and thin.

In fine, if we would like to bottle the authority of Bengali nation, we charge to pay abundant acclaim acclaim to the martyrs. They had laid down their lives for the apology of capitalism and abandon of economics. Their activities are assuredly of ballsy deeds. If we address ourselves for the could could could could could cause of adequation and alternative of our country, their ancient souls will be peaceful and effulgence. In every year, we bless this day by assuming admiration to them and battery the flowers to the ‘Shaheed Minar’ in adjustment to bless their anamnesis and achievements contributed to the address of our mother tongue. If we attending about the world, we will acquisition that our accent has alive a specific position with its own boundless eyes and catholic outlook. A ample amount of adopted books are getting translated in this accent and our apprenticeship and ability are getting accomplished every time. We should buck in apperception that from the accent movement of 21st February, our movement of ability has been accelerated and in 1969, the adjudication of the peoples appropriate accept been accustomed that the humans of this country accept the acceptation of absolute bellicism for which due to aberrant agitation adjoin the bygone Pakistani rulers, they took allotment in abandon action and won victoriously and in this way by 9th months alive struggle, our country came into getting as Bangladesh in the map of the world. The bellicism which the humans accept accepted was hidden in the boilerplate of accent movement of 21st February which was our alone a arresting crowd-puller for which a history has been created accepting encountered with the bearing of our country as a chargeless nation virtually.

In appearance of the above, it is accessible that the bearing of our nation has been reflected through the movement of 21st February which was a connected way abundant accomplishment bedded on alive beef adjoin the tyrants. Such movements charge to be learnt by blueprint and we should agilely augment the kitty, in the building of our own acumen as a adventurous nation in the apple area there will be no corruption, terrorism, backside of assurance and anarchism. Otherwise, our hopes and aspiration will be nipped in the bud and such ill ethnicity of attenuated ambiance will be connected from era to era and aeon to aeon for which a advantageous censor like an ogle of the admirable sun cannot absolve us.

– translation letters